Original Oil Paintings by Artist Suzanne Poursine Massion - "Blackhawk Evergreens"

"Blackhawk Evergreens"

Item #L0869
Suzanne Poursine Massion

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Gallery 28
28 North 4th Street
Geneva, Illinois 60134

Owner: Jan Schmuckal

Hours: Tue. - Wed. 12:30 - 5:30
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Blackhawk Evergreens Framed Setting
A possible installation.
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“Fir and Pine against winter snow fall, a striking contrast that always attracts my artist’s eye. A solitary setting completes the image. This forest preserve has been renamed, but I prefer the native American Blackhawk reference; thus, Blackhawk Evergreens”.

Suzanne Poursine Massion
Blackhawk Evergreens
Oil on medium texture artist canvas.
Painting size: 6"H x 8"L
Blackhawk Evergreens Framed
Framed Size: 14 1/4"H x 17 1/2"L
Matted and framed under glass using a black wood molding,
a single 100% cotton rag mat, and acid free backing.