Original Oil Paintings by Artist Suzanne Poursine Massion - "Blue Barn Homestead"

"Blue Barn Homestead"

Item #H2051
Suzanne Poursine Massion
The Road Not Taken Setting
A possible installation.
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"While driving along a country road in rural Illinois where I live, this small farm caught my eye. I stopped immediately to make certain of what I saw. Yes, there was a blue barn in that group of farm buildings! The scene was irresistible. I painted a prairie of grasses and flowers to lead the viewer back to a well-tended garden, a field of corn, and that farm with a blue barn."

Suzanne Poursine Massion
Blue Barn Homestead
Oil on Canvas.
Painting size: 12"H x 22"L
Blue Barn Homestead Framed
Frame Size: 16 3/4"H x 26 1/2"L
This painting is framed as shown in a Picture Frames
RSP3 Barnwood Brown Plein Air molding.