Original Oil Paintings by Artist Suzanne Poursine Massion - "The Road Not Taken"

"The Road Not Taken"

Item #L1104
Suzanne Poursine Massion

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The Road Not Taken Setting
A possible installation.
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"I walk a rutted country lane that dips and rises for miles . Rain has washed the land. Pools of water line the roadside. An overcast sky threatens. In the distance I can see more rain coming. No one in sight; I enjoy the solitude on the road I've taken."

Suzanne Poursine Massion
The Road Not Taken
Oil on Canvas.
Painting size: 24"H x 36"L
The Road Not Taken Framed
This painting is gallery wrapped with the scene continuing on the sides.
It is currently framed in a shadow box, floater presentation.